Blair   BARBER

Blair began his career in 2005 studying the hairdressing trade. In 2008 he moved to London and has worked in some of the top salons in the city. 


They started up their own family business in 2015 (BEM Hair House). Blair and Emanuela are engaged and have a daughter Melissa. They make a fantastic team and work brilliantly together.


Things are very democratic here, Blair plies his Barber’s trade on the left hand side of the salon and Emanuela ‘s hair styling is on right. The sound of Smooth radio is purring out over the sound system. Blair says it soothes the customers. ‘Smooth Radio; Smooth hair.’   


The atmosphere is certainly relaxing and the friendly staff seem genuinely interested in making the whole  experience as pleasant as possible, There is not a hint of  the dreaded hair salon cliché ‘who last cut your hair?’ 


‘Customers often come back here even if they have moved away from the area - they are very nice.’ says Blair with genuine gratitude.   


Prices are very reasonable and there are discounts for OAPs and families.

‘Any student who has digs in Prince Consort village gets a special discount’ says Blair ‘ Many of them are studying music and the salon is often filled with guitars, double bases and saxophones.’


And to top it all, if you’re feeling lazy you can even drive the car down there as they have two parking spaces of which they are very proud. And rightly so! How often can you park your car right outside a business in Hammersmith or Shepherds Bush?


Emanuela began working life as a teacher. Responsible for the basic curriculum of this primary learning level to 7 year olds.

After four years in teaching Emanuela qualified as a social worker and assisted (and advised) people with special needs.

Keen to expand her qualifications Emanuela undertook a Masters Degree in Education and Geography building on her previous involvement within teaching.

In 2008 Emanuela’s finance moved to London in pursuit of a business opportunity. Dedicated to completing her degree (and finishing top of her class) she then followed soon after and settled in London.

This transition led to Emanuela beginning her career within the world of hair and make up. Working part time at The Ginger Group sparked a passion within her. Almost immediately she signed up to the Kensington & Chelsea college and studied hairdressing. Once again achieving exemplary results and this time being awarded student of the year. During the period of study Emanuela was entered into competition after competition, always being awarded first place.

In the last two years Emanuela started a family business (BEM Hair House on the Goldhawk Road). Her and her fiancé make a fantastic team and work brilliantly together.



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